Even as we grow, Homeboy Records will ultimately remain the vision of founder Steve Stokes. This allows decisions that are not always based on standard financial wisdom. We are compelled to do this to be steadfast to our original purpose which is simply to release the music we find most exciting, as opposed to potentially most popular, each year. We began with a small budget, each step depending on the success of the previous for operating funds. From this start, we have built a self-sustaining operation.

Business Proposal

To speed the release of several upcoming projects we will consider investors - not in the company since overall we are not strictly guided by the bottom line - but for individual projects where the investor sees the talent of the artist we have in development and is motivated to become involved in the proceeds of their release. Individually, once undertaken, we are committed to the excellence and success of every band we work with. We follow this standard of 100% commitment for the benefit of the Artists, our Company, the Music, and all involved. Supplementing our conventional efforts, we now have a new department taking music full force to the Net with Internet radio, this Website, and other on-line opportunities.

Steve Stokes has the ears for underground rock and currently has an eye on some very cool new bands. Our scouts know L.A.'s murky underground better than most anyone, and have a track record of spotting great bands first. 1000 Mona Lisas, one of our early finds are now on RCA. Bobsled is on Cargo. Ask us who's next. We've got the music available now and can either sign these artists for their debut effort, or wait and risk losing these gems to other labels.

Our recording production is top notch. We have masters and artwork ready to go in some instances. In any case we are offering a generous share for financing the manufacture and advertising of one of the super-kool offerings we have brewing. We are sure of the quality of the music we have and with our slate of upcoming releases, we feel sure of at least one getting wide-spread recognition & success.

An investor will become involved in a project only after hearing masters of an Artist where they agree with our assessment of talent and potential for success. This investment will be as low as $3,500 to $10,000. This is a excellent way to risk relatively little, yet stand for tremendous return.

We also have an unparalleled video library of vintage live punk performances which we are eager to release. By sharing our musical discoveries with select investors, we will be able to unleash this store of music much sooner.


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