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Live Fast, Never Die
Produced by Steve Stokes
Catalog: ACE 8 (CD/CS)
Bar Code #: 70108-32233-2-3
Territory: Worldwide

Contact: Tom Jaynes, Publicity
Telephone: (323) 223-1000
E-mail address: info@homeboy.net

The only purpose of this spew is to bring to your attention the Homeboy compilation "Live Fast, Never Die"-- from the Underground, Alternative, & Punk side of the L.A. music scene. Among the many smashing new bands being introduced on this disc are:

  1. Pinhead - A very special band fronted by their diminutive female guitar player!

  2. The Shrooms - Way melodic punk!

  3. Dead Babies - Moody and unique!

  4. Snap-Her - The aggressive girl punk rock trio that shares a drummer with U.X.A., and has been serving as Nina Hagen's backing band of late.

Listening to this compilation is a great way to discover overnight what's going on now in the L.A. underground. Each cut introduces a new band, several which have current or upcoming Homeboy releases. If you need a copy of the CD for air play or review, just let us know. If you give this compilation exposure, we would appreciate being notified. Please reply and send play lists or copies of reviews, if possible. We welcome all your inquiries & comments, and any response will insure that you continue to receive our upcoming releases.

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