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Embryonic Girl from 'Go Ape''Go Ape' cover

The Embryonics "Go Ape" - ACE 10 (CD/CS)

The Embryonics (from Solingen, Germany) are the undisputed Kings of Primitive Grunge! I caught them on their first tour to America in 1994, and was blown away by their fuzz-driven garage punk onslaught and their "wild and crazy" fun attitude - propelled by a singer whose energy and attack invoke Iggy. Within the week, on the eve of their international departure, I got them into the studio for a blitz session. Using Chuck Biscuits' borrowed drum kit, since their's had already been shipped home, we laid down three songs in just a few hours. Since then, through various turns, the project has grown to include the Embryonics entire recorded output. Finally we have the masters for 21 songs ready to go!

--- Steve Stokes

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